Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fire Snyder

The news of the pending Fassell hire to be head coach, with Jim Zorn as O-coordinator, and somehow trying to steal Rex Ryan for D-coordinator is the last straw. Snyder is incapable of learning how to be a good owner. They finally have a decent base to build from, and instead of making the smart move and hiring Greg Williams, he decides to blow the whole thing up. New defense, new offense, same results - big losing season next year as the players don't buy into the new scheme. They have chemistry now that Snyder is determined to destroy, again, just like 2006 when he brought in Saunders. Oh yeah, and Cerrato just got a promotion. Great.

I'm thinking that the fans and season ticket holders should do something to voice our displeasure with the current ownership. Perhaps we should start boycotting the games. Just keep the tickets in our pockets and stay home. Perhaps an empty stadium on national TV would send him a message.

Please let me know any ideas you might have about letting Snyder know he needs to go!


Anonymous said...

The Washington DC area needs to come up with a group of investors with ALOT of money to purchase the team away from Dan Snyder. If we do not get the team out of his hands the Washington Redskins and their fans will NEVER see another Super Bowl. Someone needs to buy this team from him and SOON!

Anonymous said...

Snyder can't ban this sign: